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Many students choose History as an optional since it is easy to start with and happens to be one of the subjects that are less dependent on preparation or coaching.


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How to approach History subject?

Many students choose History as an optional since it is easy to start with and happens to be one of the subjects that are less dependent on preparation or coaching. But they must remember that approaching history as an optional, requires a very methodological and objective approach. Many experts feel that students should opt for history as an optional only when they are passionate about history, strongly interested in it and has the zeal to going further deeper. It has a close interaction with General studies where for example, an aspirant can cover up to 80 – 90 marks questions of modern India by covering optional history. It has its advantage in the essay paper. Mostly it has been observed several times, that at least one socio cultural issue comes as an essay topic. Hence, having a historic vision gives depth to the discussion and arguments.

How to approach History subject?

An important positive aspect of the history is that it is marked by the lack of technicalities in this subject. The entire subject is transparent and involves no normal theories, methodologies, principles and doctrines. The entire concept of full-fledged theories can be found in other streams of the humanities like Sociology, Psychology, Geography, Public Administration etc. but they are noticeably absent in history as it has very few concrete theories.

But, a good candidate should invest a considerable amount of time in current affairs preparation in almost all popular optional subjects like Geography, Public Administration and Political Science. While preparing for mains exam, updating of content to suit the flexible and dynamic requirement of the syllabus is the toughest part in the subject. Preparation for History optional doesn’t require updating as most part of the syllabus is static in nature.

When it comes to developmental inter-connections and linkages history is very best option. As a result, if a candidate completely studies a particular topic, several other topics gets automatically covered.


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